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Eco Products is a community based project situated in the Limpopo Valley. They specialise in the production of organic baobab seed oil and organic baobab fruit pulp. They are also the producers of the luxurious Baobody Bath & Body range. For more info visit or

Eco Products Organic Certification

Eco Products Organic CertificationEco Products baobab seed oil and baobab fruit pulp have been certified according to EU and NOP (National Organic Program)/USDA organic standards.

Community Benefit

EcoProducts works with communities who live in the poorest and most underdeveloped part of South Africa. Households are often headed by women, who have to support large extended families. There are few jobs in this area and local people rely on subsistence agriculture and social grants for their survival. Thus, working directly with these communities, brings much needed economic benefits. EcoProducts has developed relationships with several villages. Each village is visited once a month in order to give harvesters enough time to collect fruit. Rural women, evenbaobab2 if they are unemployed, have a full day: tilling fields, collecting firewood and water, cooking food, looking after children and meeting social and tribal responsibilities. In some villages, a micro-economy has established around these collection days: fruit vendors arrive, non-perishable foodstuffs are sold between villages and goods that are difficult to get in the area are bartered. The sale of baobab fruit and seeds has already become an important source of income in these areas. EcoProducts is working with traditional leaders to protect trees and encourage sustainable harvesting. Historically Baobab fruits were used as a food source and for this reason the trees where protected by cultural by-laws. In present times the fruits are no longer eaten and the tree is loosing its importance. Now, despite provincial and national legislation protecting Baobab trees, trees are being cut down to make way for fields, roads and houses. Through the sale of Baobab products we aim to reverse this trend. EcoProducts has started a tree planting program in villages in order to boost the population of baobab trees for future production. This is a long term project as trees only start bearing fruit after about 20 years. Baobab trees can live for over 500 years and they continue to bear fruit for most of their lifetime.

The Baobab Tree

The Baobab tree, Adansonia digitata, grows in Africa. It is an unusual looking tree with a thick stem and spindly branches resembling roots. Many people call the Baobab ‘the upside-down’ tree because of its strange appearance.baobabtree

Once a year the trees are covered in large, white, saucer-shaped flowers. These flowers open at night and are pollinated by bats, bees and wasps. Once pollinated the flowers produce large oval-shaped pods. The pods are fibrous on the outside and filled with little kidney-shaped seeds embedded in a white pulp. The pulp is commonly known as ‘cream-of-tartar’.

The baobab tree has many uses. Its leaves can be eaten as spinach. The fruit pulp can be made into a nutritious drink or used to thicken stews. Seeds are used to produce oil and can also be roasted to make coffee. The bark of the baobab tree has strong fibers that are used as rope.

Baobab trees are also known for their exceptional long life. Trees are commonly known to live up to 1000-1500 years. Some of the biggest trees, with girths measuring over 37 meters, are considered to be over 2500 years old.

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The Hermanus Rainbow Trust has Support Centres in Zwelihle, Kleinmond, Stanford, Gansbaai and Buffelsjag.

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What people are saying about Eco Products
  • Dear Sir, I am a farmer over here in the UK and as such my arms and face are exposed to the sun and elements for a good part of the year. For many years now I have suffered badly from dry scaly skin and sun spots on them, which has steadily got worse. Last year while on holiday in South Africa I was recommended to buy a bottle of your baobab oil for my skin. I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results. My skin is practically back to what it was 20 years ago and now only need to apply the oil twice a week to my arms and face but add a couple of drops to the bath water every night. I got a friend to bring me back a big bottle from South Africa this year which will last me for years as I find you only need to apply it very sparingly. Yours faithfully, Mr I.J. Tucker, Shropshire, England, 18 March 2008

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am a ‘forty something’ year old woman and I had some unsightly wrinkles and stretch marks. I started using Baobab oil, your product, since the beginning of this year. I am pleased to let you know that it has proved to be the perfect product for me. It has visibly reduced the wrinkles on my face and the stretch marks on my body. It also moisturizes my skin and I feel great. It has taken 10 years off my age!! I recommend Baobab oil to anybody experiencing the same problems I had. The results are just amazing. Thank you for an effective product. Yours sincerely, Molly Madziva, Masvingo, Zimbabwe – 20 April 2009

    Dear EcoProducts, I have been using your baobab oil for some time. I thought you may like some feedback on the results. In 1966 I was badly burned. The skin on my right arm and hand has been delicate since the accident. After using your oil I have found a vast improvement in the condition of my skin. I was diagnosed with skin cancer behind my right ear. I tried your oil on the affected area and it has cleared up completely. I would like to say that the baobab oil does everything you claim and more. Warm regards, Ronnie Levine, Louis Trichardt, South Africa – 12 June 2009

    I am going through menopause and do not want to use HRT. I find that face moisturizers tend to get sticky and sweat out when I have hot flushes, so I started using baobab oil on my face and found that it absorbs well and does not sweat out.Grieta Guigher, Lejuma, South Africa

    I am in my 60ies had have spent many hours of my life in the sun. I am sensitive to many ingredients used in creams, so when I discovered your baobab oil I started using it on my face every day. It has been wonderful, I hardly have any wrinkles left and my skin feels fantastic.6. Peter Snell, Louis Trichardt, South Africa I am in my 70ies, the skin on my arms is thin and has dry crusty spots which are itchy and my skin tears easily. I rubbed some baobab oil on my arms and found that not only did it take all the dry spots away it also stopped my skin tearing. I am a devoted user of your oil and recommend it to all my friends.Cateline Cnoops, Bluegums Poort, South Africa

    I have a dark skin and suffer with pigmentation problems. I found that baobab oil has reduced the pigmentation on my face and is a fantastic moisturizer. I use it on my face every day and because it is so effective I find a bottle lasts me a long time. Leigh Bristow, Banderlierskop, South Africa