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The HRT Business Activities

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust is currently establishing 3 new integrated commercial "Business Activities" as part of the HRT "Social Enterprise".

The main reason for establishing the HRT "Social Enterprise" is to create business activities that will provide revenue surplus (profits) which will be utilised to fund our current "Social Purpose" programmes. This is to limit the dependence on the yearly, eratic and unpredictable scramble to secure "grant funding" from government and bussiness, which makes "sustainability impossible.

The HRT has done extensive research into various business opportunities that are both socially oriented and commercially viable providing the cash flow to enable long term sustainability.

The selection criteria was based on our "Number ONE" concept.

O - OrganicBusiness6

N - Natural

E - Ethical

In addition we focused on "food security", "jobs", "revenue generation", "nutrition", "health and wellness" and the environment (carbon footprint of our centres).

This resulted in a business strategy that integrates 3 business activities;

  • The HRT Growing Clusters - home gardens, community gardens, small scale farms producing fresh produce
  • The HRT Processing Centre - processing of fresh produce
  • The "Rainbow of Hope" SHOP - focus on organic, natural and ethical products.

The SHOP is scheduled to open in June 2013.

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The Hermanus Rainbow Trust has Support Centres in Zwelihle, Kleinmond, Stanford, Gansbaai and Buffelsjag.

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The HRT "Social Enterprise"

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust has developed a "sustainability strategy" to limit the challenges of getting "grant funding" from government, funding agencies and business in these difficult economic times. The strategy is built around the establishment of a "Social Enterprise" in line with global trends.


Non-Profit Organisations - The Current Funding Model is NOT Sustainable

Why ? What are the alternatives ?

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust, like many other NPO’s / NGO’s, is threatened by the current "grant funding" models in South Africa, where most NPO’s are totally dependent on "grant funding from Government, Funding Agencies, Business, Individual Donors, Sponsors and fund raising events.

Please help us help those in NEED !