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Parenting Worx

Parenting Worx is our flagship programme providing disadvantaged families and pregnant women with a combination of life, parenting and "early childhood development" skills and support.

Our “Community and Social Development” Programmes

The main overriding challenges and activities that the Trust’s Programmes address are poverty, hunger, malnutrition, child morbidity, HIV, parenting, “early childhood devPW-sister and Brotherelopment”, psycho-social support and counselling. The programmes have also been designed to provide our children with a safe, caring and loving environment that will prevent our children from joining gangs and turning to crime, drugs, violence, rape and the abuse of other children and women.

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust has developed 4 main integrated programme’s to provide holistic “Community and Social Development” services and support to improve the quality of lives of the people living in these disadvantaged communities.

"Parenting Worx" is our flagship programme

The "Parenting Worx" programme has gone from strength to strength over the years and has exceeded our expectations with amazing results in the last year. We currently have 150 families in our core group who attend weekly sessions with their babies / toddlers that take place in our 5 Centres in the Overstrand. This includes both single parent mothers and single parent fathers. However we have also had about 250 other families, mainly seasonal workers, who have also attended some "Parenting Parenting Woks - massaging babyWorx" sessions, but are unable to attend regualrly.

During the last few years we have been working with Stellenbosch University to develop and implement a world class “Parenting” and “Early Childhood Development” Programme for impoverished and disadvantaged communities. As the basis for the research and development of the programme, the University provided 4th and 5th year students from the Medical, Occupational Therapy and Dietetics faculties to get first hand practical experience by supporting the programme and working with, and mentoring our Social Workers and Social Carers in Zwelihle - Hermanus.

The students have become an integral part of the programme, helping the Carers with presentations and accompanying them on “home visits” and assisting them with reporting and referral cases. The resulting “world class” 23 Module Programme is currently being rolled out with our Carers having completed the initial training in December 2012. The main goals of the programme are to rebuild family structures and principles by providing Parenting and Life skills and a comprehensive “Early Childhood Development” programme. This enables the Mothers to teach their children the basic lifestyle principles of dignity, respect, honesty, right from wrong, discipline and moral ethics, while also providing their babies / toddlers with a balanced nutritious diet, in a loving, caring, and healthy living environment which will prepare them to compete equally at school and have a successful future.

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The Hermanus Rainbow Trust has Support Centres in Zwelihle, Kleinmond, Stanford, Gansbaai and Buffelsjag.

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The HRT "Social Enterprise"

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust has developed a "sustainability strategy" to limit the challenges of getting "grant funding" from government, funding agencies and business in these difficult economic times. The strategy is built around the establishment of a "Social Enterprise" in line with global trends.


Non-Profit Organisations - The Current Funding Model is NOT Sustainable

Why ? What are the alternatives ?

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust, like many other NPO’s / NGO’s, is threatened by the current "grant funding" models in South Africa, where most NPO’s are totally dependent on "grant funding from Government, Funding Agencies, Business, Individual Donors, Sponsors and fund raising events.

Please help us help those in NEED !